Privacy and Legal Statements

Your Privacy is very important to us.

  • You will be giving us information about your business.
  • We will never share this information with anyone.
  • We may install a backlink to our site with a description of the site’
  • You will be giving us your email address.
  • We will never share your email address with anyone.
  • We will keep your email address and we may send you update information or offers. If you do not want to receive our updates and offers, tell us, and we will delete your email address.

We may however, have to keep billing information for tax and accounting purposes.  We will keep the absolute minimum that we can about your company.


We ( will use its best knowledge and appropriate resources to design the best possible Website for you.

Our design will depend, to a degree, on how well you respond to our easy Website Planner, and we have no control over your response.

Our 7 day implementation commitment starts when we receive our easy Website Planner which has been completed in good faith by you.

We do hope that your Website is successful and brings you in more business and that is our aim. Any such success depends on many factors including the quality and presentation of your product, your terms of business, and market conditions etc.  We can and do make no absolute assurance that you will get more business, or get any other business advantages, from your Website or any other service that we offer you.

We do guarantee that your Website design is a mixture of original design and standard design concepts, and we believe that you may use these designs on the internet.  However, your publication of information or design is your responsibility and you are responsible for truthfulness and intellectual property ownership or any other factor.  You may use our designs under license from us (but only for your own purposes, and not for anyone else) in other media such as your brochures or in another Website.  We do own the original material and we are not assigning those ownership rights to you.

We will make reasonable efforts to increase traffic to your Website over the first 12 months.  There is a limit to what we can do.  You may wish to advertise your Website through other suppliers.

Unless you have asked us to delete your email address, we will offer you hosting after the first 12 months at a reasonable fee.  You will have a choice of accepting or refusing our offer.  If we do not have your email address, we will delete your Website from our hosting service in 12 months without notifying you.

We ( assure you that our business is professional and ethical, and we try very hard to make all our customers very happy.  Our Best Wishes to you.